Workplaces are confronted with rapid change, record uncertainty and pressure to perform. We need new skills to take personal control and thrive.


Our goal is to inspire and empower a critical shift in mindset and behaviours for optimal performance and wellbeing. 

How you get to thriving depends on where your people are today but there are principles we can apply, no matter what the starting point.



Alison Earl is a mindset and behaviour expert with a core focus on empowering people to take control of their personal experience of change, uncertainty and stress, and ultimately, to thrive.

A bit of background... 

  • For over 15 years, she has studied human behaviour and motivation;
  • She is a repeat guest lecturer in Behavioural Economics at the Harvard School of Public Health; 
  • A Positive Psychology Practitioner;
  • Helped build new business from the ground up in Sydney, London and New York; and
  • Has worked with people and companies in over 20 countries. 

Her latest book Tripowerment: The why, the will and the way of breakthrough change highlights the three essential ingredients that separate those who thrive… from those who don’t.


Yes, I want to move from surviving to thriving!

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