Thrive with Change

"The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again." 

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Develop a mindset and a culture that thrives with the stress of change and uncertainty, not just survives it.




Keynote speaking to inspire your people to think differently about change and to take control of their own experience



High impact training workshops for leaders and people to boost resilience, transform stress & build more meaning into work



Work with current & emerging leaders to implement a change mindset strategy & create a thriving culture



In Tripowerment: The Why, the Will and the Way of Breakthrough Change behaviour change expert Alison Earl explores the three essential ingredients that separate those who thrive from those who don't.

"Alison is an extremely engaging and motivating speaker, she spoke at our office to a large group around Change management after we had undergone a large org restructure and I received extremely positive feedback afterwards. She has a great ability to capture the attention of a large audience and her session was very well delivered, I would highly recommend Alison as a speaker/facilitator."

Kristy Mather
Executive Assistant, Uber

"Alison has the ability to engage with employees across all levels of an organisation. She displays empathy and endears trust so that her sessions are open, honest and impactful. These qualities combined with her expertise ensured our objectives were exceeded. All employees stated that we achieved more in these 2 half day sessions with Alison than we had for any other corporate training courses. Thank you Alison!"

Angela Orsaris
Managing Director, Market Intelligence Company

"Alison ran a session at our annual forum for leaders in the Australian research and insights industry. Her session on empowering self-directed change was widely regarded by attendees as THE standout session of the conference - and this was a line-up that included many high profile professional speakers. I highly recommend Alison if you want a thought-provoking and engaging facilitator/speaker."

Craig Young
Managing Director, AMSRO

"Alison Earl is one of the most engaging and authentic speakers I’ve had the pleasure to hear from and work with. As our industry conference keynote, Alison connected brilliantly with delegates as she delivered a talk about how to empower self-directed change in people during a time of disruption. Her session was a relevant, practical and effortlessly delivered presentation perfectly matched to our theme, The Human Mind. Alison’s book ‘Tripowerment’ was an added take-away bonus for attendees. Thank you Alison, and I look forward to working with you again soon!"

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell, Executive Director, Association of Market and Social Research Organisations

"Alison was an absolute delight to work with. She appeared on a panel discussing mental health at a conference I delivered in November 2018, and also facilitated a 90 minute workshop straight after. Alison's professionalism, energy and expertise was nothing short of inspiring. She is highly engaging, and delivered content that was enthusiastically spoken about by delegates. The feedback I have received on her appearances thus far has been extremely positive, and I will be seeking ways to work with her in 2019. Thank you, Alison, for making such a wonderful contribution to Future of Work 2018!"

Penny Wedesweiler
Future of Work Conference Organiser

"Alison is one of the most motivating speakers, facilitators and thoughts leaders that I have ever encountered in my career. Her ability to engage and involve a diverse group of people and connect them to the topic is unsurpassed. Her inquisitive nature has led to her collaboration with leaders in public health and positive psychology and has birthed a new Tripowerment model of behaviour change, bringing a new perspective on empowerment. When Alison is in the room sparks fly, ideas are nurtured and people are connected."

Joanne McKinney
CEO, BurnsGroup

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